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6th mmm meeting took place on 23 of november 2018 in amsterdam



22 media researchers from 14 i-jic member and 3 guest organisations met in Amsterdam on 23 November 2018. This year’s MmM meeting was hosted by our Dutch member organisation NOM in cooperation with the other Dutch JICs (BRO, NLO, NOM, SKO) and Vinex. The Dutch cross media project “Total Media Audience Measurement” was the focus of the presentations and discussions.

Since 6 years delegates from the different i-jic member organisations have met once a year in November in order to learn more about the scope of work and the current research projects and questions of the visited member. The intention is that we will have visited all of our 18 members.

This year’s MmM meeting was hosted by our member organisation NOM, the Dutch JIC for Press. We very much appreciated that Irena Petric, NOM’s managing director, was able to win Johan Smit, the managing director of the Dutch media agency association PMA, the managing directors of the other Dutch JICs (BRO/Out-of-Home, NLO/Radio, SKO/TV) and Vinex, the MOC for internet audience research, to take part in the presentations and discussions.

Johan Smit opened the meeting with an introduction into the ambitious Total Audience (“TMAM”) project which was started from all Dutch JICs and Vinex earlier this year. His presentation was followed by Sjoerd Pennekamp’s overview of the Dutch TV audience research. Due to the fact that the managing director of NLO, Frans Kok, was ill Irena stepped in and presented not only the joint Press research but also the radio audience research. As the last presenter before lunch Swantje Brennecke, the managing director of BRO, introduced us to the Dutch OoH JIC. It was interesting to see that all “silo” JICs have been confronted with the challenge to integrate digital extensions of their traditional clients (media houses) and further online publishers and online media offers into their currency surveys. Most of them have already successfully realised combined audience research (silo + digital) in their own fields.

Owing to the wish of the agencies and advertiser – prominently represented by Johan – and due to the fact of restrained financial means the different Dutch JICs and Vinex recently joint forces in order to realise together a “Total Media Audience Measurement”. This research system should go on providing the silo currencies of the different media but should also deliver total gross and net audiences of Dutch media brands and total media consumption insights of the consumers to the advertisers and agencies.

After lunch Irena presented this T-MAM project. This presentation can be found in the i-jic member section of our website ( By doing so she stimulated a vivid discussion. The meeting was closed by an update from all member s about their activities in the field of cross media research.

After the mutual exchange most of the participants participated in a lovely boat trip through the canals of beautiful Amsterdam. Knowing that working and sightseeing causes hunger and thirst, a common dinner at an Indonesian restaurant completed this successful day – at least for some of us because after the dinner Johan took the still thirsty ones to his favourite pubs …
Dear Irena and dear Dutch team “Hartelijk bedankt!” for your hospitality and the insights.

Harald Amschler

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