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The ACPM (The Alliance for Print and Media Data) is the professional association of print publishers in charge of print and digital readership measurement and of circulation audit for the French ad industry.

The association was founded in December 2015 with the merger of AudiPresse, the French JIC responsible for readership measurement, and the OJD, the French ABC. The ACPM governance is based on a General Assembly composed of all members of the association, a board composed of representatives of all print categories (national, regional and free dailies, magazines, BtoB titles,), media agencies and advertisers, as well as representatives of non-print publishers.

The President of the association is elected by the board for 3 years and is necessarily a representative of media agencies or advertisers. Operationally, the ACPM is headed by a vice president and two managing directors in charge of each activity.

Full name of the organisation:
Alliance pour les Chiffres de la Presse et des Médias

Postal Address:
89 rue de Monceau - 75008 PARIS

Phone: +33 1 43 12 85 30



Name(s) and Function(s) of main contact-persons in the organisation:
Amélie BenistyAmélie Benisty
Directrice ACPM Audience & Relation Adhérents
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