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The Israeli Audience Research Board (IARB) was founded in the mid 1990`s with the emergence of commercial TV channels in Israel. The mission was to create a unified and accepted system for the measurement of television viewing levels. This system had to be reliable, meet proper professional standards, be based on gold-standard methodologies and be acceptable to the various industry bodies.

This aim was to avoid the use of multiple, independent surveys conducted using disparate methodologies, which would result in conflicting and unreliable data.

Since its founding, the IARB has operated as a non-profit organization, funded by its members.

The measurement system serves as a currency for determining Advertising pricing for Israeli commercial channels as well as providing a professional tool for advertising planning, placement and analyzing advertising effectiveness. It is also used to aid the broadcast scheduling process for the TV broadcasters as well as providing data for academic research.

From 2020, the IARB commenced measurement of TV content across all screens: TV, computers, mobile devices and tablets.

Full name of the organisation:
Israeli Audience Research Board

Postal Address:
32, Tuval st. Ramat-Gan, Israel

Phone: + 972-3-6121703



Name(s) and Function(s) of main contact-persons in the organisation:
Rony Aran
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