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Media Analyse

MA (Media Analyse) is an association consisting of over 100 members (newspapers, magazines, tv, radio, outdoor and media agencies), its main activity is the Austrian NRS since 1964.

The MA provides audience data for press, tv, radio, cinema, outdoor and internet, whereas information for tv (Teletest) and radio (Radiotest) are coming from different surveys which are fused with the MA (Allmedia MA). Beyond that every second year the MA organizes the KA survey (Konsum Analyse-consumer behaviour), which is also part of the Allmedia MA.

The studies are accompanied by two committees in charge of development and supervision.

Full name of the organisation:
Verein Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analysen

Postal Address:
Riemergasse 11/3/11, A-1010 Wien

Phone: +43 1 513 25 70
Fax: +43 1 513 25 702



Name(s) and Function(s) of main contact-persons in the organisation:
Mag. Petra RoschitzMag. Petra Roschitz
Managing Director
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